Working With Us

In What Ways Can You Work With Us

Being an independent LPL financial planner allows us to work with you on your terms, in whatever method or combination is most comfortable to you.

Fee-Based: Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Available

Typically, a fee-based relationship is based on the amount of the assets in a particular account. This arrangement, we feel, puts our interests on the same side of the table. You are not "nickel and dimed" for trades or transactions, those costs are part of the fee. Each client is different, so please contact us to learn more about our fee schedules.


This is a more transactional relationship, whereas most of the time the client is charged a percentage to buy (and sometimes sell) an investment or product. This works well for certain situations.

Flat Fee or Hourly Planning:

The client would still proceed through our six-step process, but the difference is that the client would be responsible for implementing any strategies or recommendations. This is purely an advice relationship, where the client wants to utilize our tools, knowledge, and objectivity to help them manage their outside accounts. The cost is in relation to complexity and resources needed.

Hybrid Model:

It may be appropriate to implement a combination of the above techniques, depending on account types, sizes, investment goals, and account activity. We have the ability to customize the most cost efficient scenario for you.

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